The first FDA-approved calibration system intended for Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.


ViSiGi3d’s precise, low-level suction stabilises the internal tissue of the stomach, helping you better delineate your staple line and allow you to staple with confidence.

  • Helps prevent stenosis around the incisura by providing crisp delineation with a consistent diameter and blunt tip.
  • Streamline your LSG procedures by going from initial decompression to ultimate leak testing with a single device.
  • The ViSiGi3d is a disposable product, limiting the sanitisation process.



ViSiGi3D Order Code

  • Order Code: 5232
  • 1 box = 5 units
  • Order Code: 5236
  • 1 box = 5 units
  • Order Code: 5240
  • 1 box = 5 units

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For further reading on using the ViSiGi3D

Please be advised that the following video shows the surgical procedure for using the ViSiGi3d.

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