MiniMizer Gastric Ring

Stable Weight loss in Banded Bypass and Banded Sleeve

Why Banded Bypass and Banded Sleeve?

  • protection against pouch dilatation
  • protects the anastomosis and the jejunum against over stretching
  • minimizes dumping syndrome
  • stabilizes long term weight loss


  • LSG – 4cm below oesophageal junction
  • Bypass – 2cm above the anastomosis.

The MiniMizer Ring is radiopaque

  • needle and ring are well visible under X-ray
  • simple placement and closing
  • two loops for fixation after placement
  • can be reopened and closed in different diameter

Closing positions from largest to the smallest ring size

  • size 1 approx. 8.0cm length, 26mm internal diameter
  • size 2 approx. 7.5cm length, 24mm internal diameter
  • size 3 approx. 7.0cm length, 22mm internal diameter
  • size 4 approx. 6.5cm length, 20mm internal diameter

Minimizer Gastric Ring Order Code



3 units

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