MiniMizer Extra Gastric Band

Adjustable 2-phase closure gastric band with retaining loops. No plication required.

The Minimizer Extra has been used extensively worldwide for over ten years with extremely good clinical results. Unlike other gastric bands on the market the Minimizer Extra has unique design features which separate it from the competition. The Minimizer Extra has two available closure positions:

  • First closure position 31mm inner diameter
  • Second closure position 26mm inner diameter

By adjusting to the desired closure position at the time of surgery it may reduce the need for post-operative adjustments for the patients. Fixation with our without the need for plication can be achieved with the Minimizer Extra Gastric Band. The retaining loops can either be sutured directly to the stomach wall and/ or tissue ingrowth will occur naturally for fixation to help avoid band slippage. Other advantages include:

  • Inner reservoir integrated in band for precise concentric filling
  • Radio-opaque for ease of viewing under x-ray
MiniMizer Extra Gastric Band

MiniMizer Extra Gastric Band Order Code



1 unit

for less postoperative adjustments

for reduced slippage.

for concentric filling.


for easy positioning


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